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  • – This is the best sponge filter and I have proof. There are tons of benefits and I show you cleaning it.

    Hydro Sponge Filter:

    My favorite sponge filter on the planet. Ok so I already know the answer to this. All my tanks have sand. Gravel is a choking hazard to goldfish. On a post on another group ,I won’t say anything names, It was told by members and mods that I am wrong. Can admin please let me know just for my own satisfaction that I am right about this please!?

    Partially right , they can choke with big gravel like the natural river stuff , they can’t choke with salt grain sized gravel. Yes you’re right. I should have specified that it is regular sized aguarium gravel that was in question. I agree, I have just upgraded my tank & it now has sand. Only last week one of my goldies had a piece of gravel stuck. I don’t know who was more traumatised when I finally got it out, me or him! Never again!

    I don’t think there’s a right and wrong on this one. Some people like gravel and some like sand. If it works for them I think that’s fine. It works fine until you have it happen and have to try to puck gravel out of a fish or even loose one. Yes they do . But fact still remains that it’s a hazard and could happen at anytime. It’s the risk you choose to take.

    Yes they do . But fact still remains that it’s a hazard and could happen at anytime. It’s the risk you choose to take. I can vouch for it. I sadly had a goldfish pass because clown gravel got lodged and I couldnt get it out. It was weird shaped, not very round and it just got stock the wrong way. S.I.P Big Orange Guy

    you’re not wrong, but the size of gravel compared to the size of your fish does have an impact on whether or not its a hazard. However i have also switched to sand from gravel. Mostly because i feel it looks nicer. OTOH… At least one person I’m aware of has had a goldfish become impacted from eating too much sand. So sand is not completely safe either. But it’s probably far safer than small gravel. I personally love pea gravel in a tank like you’d use outside on pathways, but now I’m leery of THAT as well.

    Sand here! Gravel pieces are not only choking hazards but can cause them to get impacted and an abundance of other problems. There’s lots of sands out there! If you like the colored substrate look, crayola makes aquarium safe play sand in green, blue, punk and purple.

    Hi guys, earlier today I bought home a couple of fancy goldfish (oranda + black moore) to my 50gal. They seemed to settle in well, but now I’m noticing they seem to be gulping air at the surface every few minutes. At first it was just the oranda, but now the moore is doing it too, just not as much. The tank is fully cycled, and I just tested my water and everything is ideal. I have the bubbler on my filter going full blast, so I feel that there’s enough oxygen in the water. I fed them some cooked, de shelled peas earlier which they ate happily, and a side from the air gulping they appear to be acting normally. Are they just skimming the surface for food, or is something else wrong? It’s 9pm here and I can’t get to sleep because I’m stressing that somethings wrong, while I listen to them gulping

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