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  • Dieses Video zeigt Ihnen, wie das Hauptgerüst des Krömer Aluminium Carports aufgebaut wird.

    On this 200th episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett are talking about how to stay cool while on patrol. Nobody ever complains about trying to stay warm while on patrol. It’s the unrelenting heat that is always commiserated over. Desert heat has a blowdryer feel to it. Some say it’s like an oven, others reference a sauna, however these descriptions are lacking one key ingredient….human waste. Yes, it feels like you’ve stepped into a hot dusty landfill that’s been freshly topped off with an excess of dirty diapers. It’s like a portashitter truck blew up in the middle of a dust storm that covered the entire country, and we decided to fight a war on top of it. Staying cool means staying hydrated and coming up with clever ways to make the best use of moving air. When you unbutton the sleeve of your cammies and hang your arm out the window, just right, for the wind to travel right up the back and over the shoulders and around the chest… Mmmmm refreshing. Or something as simple as putting your arms up in the air when wearing MOPP 4. The sweat that accumulates in your gloves and sleeves runs down your entire body and cools you off in the stinkiest of ways.

    The humidity in some regions of enemy held territory can be near unbearable. It has a jungle-like feel to it, dripping wet near the rivers and canals. Still it gets dusty in a lot of those spots. That fine moon dust which always seems to hang in the air and never land. Mix that with sweat, and the salt it leaves behind, for a sandpapery concoction that will put a paste on the inside of your thighs that can only be removed with a solid luffa scrub and a scuzz brush.  Some patrols take unique turns through creeks, fields, treelines, hillsides and open desert, all in a matter of miles. They provide exposure to the full plethora of hellaciously hot experiences that are found on the typical battlefield; if one could claim any battlefield to be typical. Simply put, war is hell…it gets hot there.

    Thank you for spending time with us over these past 200 episodes. There are plenty more coming up, so keep listening and sharing!


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