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With this motto in mind, we have become one of the most technologically innovative, cost-efficient, and price-competitive manufacturers for Manufacturer for Home Floor Cleaning Mop LS-1803 for Karachi Factory, We encourage you to make contact as we are looking for partners in our venture. We are sure you will find doing business with us not only fruitful but also profitable. We are ready to serve you with what you require.

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  • This Youtube video shows How to Fit a Metal Curtain Pole. To see our full range of metal curtain poles including eyelet curtain poles please visit
    We also have extensive guides on our site showing you the different types of curtain poles and also how to measure and fit them

    The video features Jonathan showing you how to fit a metal curtain pole. The curtain pole shown being fitted in the video is going to be used for eyelet curtains, but the step by step instructions will apply to most types of curtain poles used for hanging standard headings such as used for pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains.
    It is important to ensure the correct pole diameter is chosen for the size of the eyelets or tabs in your curtains. Normally the internal diameter of the eyelets or tabs is between 38mm and 40mm so a pole diameter of 28mm will leave enough clearance for a smooth operation.
    Many curtain poles are sold with extendable wall fixing brackets, so if you are buying a standard curtain pole for hanging eyelet or tab top curtains, make sure it has extendable fixing brackets as these types of curtains often require extra clearance between the wall and the curtain pole to allow for the depth of the wave effect of the curtain heading.


    Eyelet curtains are a modern style of curtaining that offers a chic finish that is particularly ideal for contemporary interiors. This type of curtain fits directly to the curtain pole by a series of eyelets that are positioned evenly along the top of the curtains.

    This style of curtain does not need any curtain rings and so although we sell curtain poles on our site that are specifically sold as eyelet curtain poles, please visit to see this range actually any wooden or metal curtain pole can be used, just discard the rings before fitting the pole.

    For a professional finish, match the eyelets of the curtains with the colour of the metal curtain pole. When eyelet curtains are open, they fold neatly to the side of the windows in attractive pleats and when they are closed, they create a wave effect as the curtains fold backwards and forwards across the pole.


    Tab top curtains can be fitted to either a metal or wooden curtain pole. Instead of the curtains hanging in the conventional way from rings fitted to the curtain pole, these curtains are made with contrasting or matching strips of the curtain fabric made into loops which are then sewn to the top of the curtains. The curtain pole is then threaded through the loops to secure the curtains to the pole.

    This style of curtain heading offers a very informal window treatment and with some imagination such as using several colours of fabric for the tabs, makes a fun finish especially for kitchens or children’s bedrooms and playroom windows.
    A word of caution, tab top curtains do not pull along the curtain track as easily as eyelet curtains or curtains that are fitted to curtain rings and also when they are in the open position, they will not pleat away from the window opening very well as the width of the tabs predetermines the amount of space they will take up in the open position.

    One way to overcome this is to use curtain tiebacks or curtain holdbacks. We have a large range of holdbacks on our site. To view these online please see


    These types of curtains are fitted to the curtain rings that are normally supplied with a curtain pole.

    Pencil pleat curtains are normally finished with a heading tape that has three different curtain hook positions so the curtains can be fitted to either curtain poles or curtain tracks. They also have three rows of draw strings that are evenly pulled to gather the curtain heading to the required curtain width.

    The finished effect of pencil pleat curtains are rows of small upright pleats evenly spaced along the top of the curtains, hence the name Pencil Pleat. If the curtains are interlined or made from a very heavy curtain fabric, then extra curtain rings will need to be ordered.
    Pinch pleat curtains and goblet curtains can be made using a heading tape, but a better finish is achieved if the pinches or goblets are machined and then hand finished directly to the top of the curtains. The number of curtain rings is predetermined by the number of pinches or goblets, so before you finally fix the curtain pole, make sure you have the correct number of rings for the number of pinches.

    To view our full range of curtain poles please go to

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