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Well-run equipment, professional sales team, and better after-sales services; We are also a unified big family, everyone stick to the company value "unification, dedication, tolerance" for Leading Manufacturer for Home Floor Cleaning Mop LS-1839 for Denmark Manufacturers, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities. For far more detailed information, please contact us!

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  • Window cleaning in the English countryside, birds are chirping away.

    The patented OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system from Kaivac lets you do just that. Like all of Kaivac’s science-based cleaning systems, it’s designed to remove the maximum amount of soil in the most cost-effective manner possible. It offers a practical yet extremely effective alternative to mopping.

    The main components of the system are the OmniFlex wet/dry vacuum and trolley-bucket, and the process couldn’t be easier. Just dispense fresh solution onto the floor, brush if desired, then vacuum all soils and liquid away. This simple system leaves floors safe, healthy and attractive. It’s so easy to use that even inexperienced employees can achieve great results.

    To begin, the operator applies fresh cleaning solution to the floors through the trolley-bucket’s spigot, spreading as needed with the squeegee head brush. Unlike mop water, the cleaning solution is never contaminated by a soiled mop. As the cleaning solution dwells, it loosens and lifts soils in preparation for vacuum extraction. If necessary, the squeegee head brush can be used to brush the floor to further loosen soil build up or to scour the grout lines.

    Then, the operator suctions all liquids and contaminants away with the OmniFlex wet/dry vacuum. As the squeegee head brush moves across the floor, the high quality dual blades agitate and break down any build up, separating the soils from the surface. Simultaneously, the system’s high-flow fluid extraction process creates a liquid current that carries the soils and grease into the wet/vac’s recovery tank. This process thoroughly suctions away all liquid, matter and residue, even from porous quarry tile and grout. As a result, the floor is clean, dry, and safe – ready for immediate use. During the process, components can be split apart and cleaning tasks divided among multiple workers to cut cleaning time even more.

    And when the cleaning’s finished, all waste water is easily dumped into any toilet, drain or slop sink through the easy flush drain hose. No more lifting heavy mop buckets. And storing the space-efficient system is easy. The components can be separated to fit in even the tightest of spaces.

    Just as important, most users find that the savings in mop heads and chemical efficiency pays for the system in a matter of months.

    For maximum productivity in larger areas, Kaivac’s OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac can be transformed easily into a Spread-and-Vac system with the addition of a low cost microfiber spreader. This simple add-on rapidly disperses a 24 or 36 inch wide thin uniform layer of solution as it leaves the spigot. Then, the user can quickly vac the solution up using a 14, 28 or 42 inch wide squeegee head. This practical, low cost system is perfect for high speed cleaning of larger areas, such as dining areas, cafeterias, lobbies, hallways and more. It’s as fast and effective as an autoscrubber without the added cost or complexity, making it perfect for building service contactors and facility managers alike.

    So, contact Kaivac today and drop the mop once and for all. Ask for more information on this and other hygienic cleaning systems designed to get facilities really clean, really fast. https://www.kaivac.com/

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