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  • Can you repair dents in an automobile with a hair dryer and a can of compressed air? Yes and no. It depends upon the location and severity of the damage. But as I have demonstrated, with a heat gun, $9 worth of Endust Duster, and about 15 minutes, you can achieve some remarkable results.

    Read more at… http://blog.yagelski.com/2011/10/paintless-dent-repair-using-heat-gun.html

    Responses to the most common criticisms:

    Q. Why didn’t you just push the dent out from behind?
    A. This is a hybrid vehicle and there is A/C equipment for battery cooling that is located between the sheet metal and the interior finish. The dent was simply not accessible from the inside.

    Q. Why didn’t you just use a toilet plunger and pull the dent out?
    A. That may have worked on the larger of the two dents, but the surface area of the smaller dent would have made that impossible.

    Q. This video and photos of the dents have been Photoshopped and faked!
    A. Absolutely not. I will gladly attest that this video and the images of the dent, before and after, have not been retouched. I also have a witness who observed the process and would attest the same.

    Q. “Tapping” the panel like you did in the video would have popped the dent out without the heating and cooling.
    A. My attempts to pop the dent out with persuasive tapping by hand and a rubber mallet prior to the heating / cooling did not have any impact.

    Q. This process didn’t help, you can still see the dents!
    A. Yes. if you look closely you can still see the smaller of the two dents. However, the larger of the two is not distinguishable to the casual observer. This process made a significant improvement to the appearance of both dents. It is not a factory perfect repair, but this is not a valuable vehicle either. I could not justify the expense of a professional body shop for a vehicle that is seven years old and +150,000 miles. This process provided a good alternative.

    Close look at the grip .
    This is a rough proto type.
    Allows you to have a lighter grip and better control of squeegee.
    It also has many other applications related hand tool handles.

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