Fast delivery Home Floor Cleaning Mop LS-1838 to Finland Factories

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We will devote ourselves to providing our esteemed customers with the most enthusiastically thoughtful services for Fast delivery Home Floor Cleaning Mop LS-1838 to Finland Factories, We will do our best to meet your requirements and are sincerely looking forward to developing mutual beneficial business relationship with you!

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  • Pva material
    PVA pore structure an overview of properties:
    POLYVINYL Alcohol or, PVA is a hydrophilic material which means, it attracts water and has a completely three dimensional, interconnected porous structure, each pore being interconnected to others allowing capillary action to absorb and retain large volumes of water.

    Scientifically based on the capillary action of a tree’s root system the Augesco PVA sponge’s action actually sucks the liquid right up absorbing five times its weight and without dripping

    When in the wet state it is very elastic, flexible and soft, like a natural sea sponge. It is one of the finest materials for cosmetic sponges and puffs, towels, bath sponges, pva chamois, mops and all household-cleaning materials.

    Pore sizes:
    A range of pore structures from 60 micron to 2000 or larger micron are available. To maximise the absorbency, cleaning ability, and soft texture, our products are engineered to meet the characteristics specified by our customer and we can recommend a pore size that best fits your needs.
    The larger pores give a good foaming action ideal for cleaning, and paint roller applications, whilst fine pores are excellent in soaking up spills, and the ultra fine pores have superb softness qualities for polish applications and cosmetic sponges.
    PVA comparison:

    Durable and long lasting, it has excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.
    Below is a Comparison to other types of synthetic sponges or foam.

    Durability excellent
    Water Absorption Rate excellent
    Chemical Resistance excellent
    Water Absorption Speed fast
    Abrasion Resistance (times before breakage) 1000-2000
    Degradable environmental friendly biodegradable
    Lint Free
    Resistance to UV Rays no apparent change under 1,000hrs.
    Condition When Burned no noxious gas

    Apart from the large range of applications currently available we also offer an OEM service to anyone who would like to have a particular application produced to their own design for further information on this service please contact our sales team at or phone +44 1493 488444

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