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  • Host, Sarah Rutan: If you want to maintain your windows between professional cleanings, you’ll need to know the proper technique. Today we’re in Novato with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Eric Kennedy of Smart Window Cleaning to see how it’s done.

    Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Eric Kennedy: Hi, I’m here to show everybody how to clean a window professionally. A lot of people have a long time between professional cleanings and they want to clean their kitchen window, the living room, or whatever it is. So, I’m here to show you the right way to do it. So, I’m just going to get started.

    This is called the strip washer. You can buy these tools at janitorial supply, or any hardware store carries them. This is just like a mop. We go ahead and we wet the window and give it a good scrub. Some windows, generally, are dirtier than this. We keep them pretty clean. This is not going to take me much to really scrub it. But if you got baked-on dirt, we take steel wool, #4 steel wool – it’s the finest grade – we take that and we scrub it. If you have baked-on dirt, food, anything like that, that will take that off. So, the next thing we have is our squeegee. This is obviously a squeegee. So, I’m going to do it the professional way. This is called “fanning.”

    So, that’s pretty easy for me to just go through and fan it like that. I’m going to do it one more time and show people how they can do it without fanning. It’s a little bit easier. So, we just call this a straight pull. So, basically you don’t want a lot of water on the edge. You want to towel up the edge a little bit and have your squeegee real dry, and just pull it straight across and down.

    And same thing. Dry it. Dry your squeegee. You pull it straight across and down. You keep going that (sic). And we’re going to dry the edge, we’re going to dry our squeegee, and we’re going to straight-pull it, and then, for the last one, since this is boxed in, what you can do, is just – same process – pull it across, but leave a line in the middle.

    Right, so, all we do is take our dry towel – clean, dry towel – and wipe that, and it won’t leave a mark. And the other thing, that, if you get sloppy, some windows are a little more difficult, you leave a lot of water on the edge, you can take your towel – clean, dry towel – wipe the edge, both sides. And we can even wipe the top so it doesn’t drip down – any water at the top. We just towel up our sill, and that’s pretty much it.

    Host, Sarah Rutan: To learn more from local, top rated companies, visit our Diamond Certified Expert Reports at experts.diamondcertified.org.

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