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We are proud of the high customer satisfaction and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product and service for Chinese wholesale Wholesale Heat Dish Drying Mat LS-8141 to Philippines Manufacturer, We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to seek mutual cooperation and create a more brilliant and splendid tomorrow.

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  • We go to Home Depot to get the supplies we need to build a homemade spring pole and put it all together!

    We purchased a 7/16″ Spring Link for $3.98
    a 5/16″ Quick Link for $2.62
    a 1″ Swivel Eye Bolt Snap for $2.68
    a Rope for $9.97
    a Garage Door Extension Spring (2 pack) for $14.98
    and a Rope Toy from Ross for $2.99

    we spent $27.25 plus tax for the whole thing.

    For the rope we needed a very long one since we only had a tall tree to use for the spring pole so you can find a cheaper one if you don’t need that much rope as well as the garage door spring. it came in a two pack and it was $14.98 and we only needed one but it was literally the only option they had at that store so we bought it anyway and actually it seems way safer than the options I was seeing on the internet that had sharp claw looking things on them. they do have other cheaper options out there though.

    We decided to throw the rope over the sturdiest tree limb we had in the safest spot for him and then we tied the other side to the trees trunk so we could easily get it down if needed and we also take down the rope toy when he is finished by just un-attaching the spring link so it wont rust by staying outdoors also so we can control and supervise his spring pole exercise. If we left it out there 24/7, he would never want to come in!! lol…

    So, hes not sure what to do and he was leary when he pulled on it and it sprung up but he did start warming up to it on the second day. I have footage that I will be posting of him getting used to it and figuring out how fun it can be but for now he has to get used to it and we have had nothing but rain all week so we are waiting for a clear day to go back out and get on it….

    thanks for watching!!

    Junior is our 2 ½ year old Chocolate Rednose American Pitbull Terrier from the bloodlines of Danger Zone & Boogie Man.

    Halo is our 6 yr old Bluenose American Pitbull Terrier from the bloodlines of Watchdog & Colby…

    My Pitbulls are loving, loyal, caring, athletic, determined, incredibly smart, perfect all around family and protection dogs that make our family complete. ♥ I could not imagine my life without them, and I will never be without a Pitbull for as long as I live…..

    If you are interested in the breed, do lots of research before you commit. This is one of the strongest breeds, despite their body size. They are determined, intelligent, loyal, respectful, gentle yet protective and aggressive if they are not trained and treated properly.

    A Pitbull puppy is one of the most active, destructive animals that I have ever known but this is ONLY if you let them be. If you train them properly you will have the best all-around family dog there is in the world, hands down! That wild puppy will grow into the most amazing adult you will ever know. They will lay down their lives for you w/out a blink of an eye and you will never feel alone or more protected with a Pitbull.

    A long cotton training lead (10-12ft) attached to a Pitbull puppy is the best thing that you could ever do. By doing this you can have immediate access to correction and control of a wild Pitbull puppy and they have no choice but to follow you everywhere you go if you simply attach it to yourself. Just put it on them when supervised and let them go about their day.. I still use a lead on my adult when we have company if she won’t settle. As soon as I put it on her she become a completely different calm dog, just like magic!

    Pitbull puppies need constant care and supervision so if you don’t have the time or energy I strongly caution against getting a puppy. Adopt an adult one that is already trained, they are amazing, resilient and grateful dogs that love nothing but second chances.. Even an adopted adult will still lay his life down for you and your family and love you like no other with the intelligence and loyalty of a Pitbull, you can never go wrong….

    ACA Enterprises 18″ Microfiber Flat Mop

    Knuckle Buster Red Microfiber Wet Flat Mopping Pads
    Knuckle Buster Microfiber Velcro Wet Flat Mop provides a simple superior cleaning experience. This microfiber mop is filled with microfiber. It has no inner foam layer which means it has greater absorbency and durability. It can be used on any hard surface and leaves no streaks or residue. This 18″ Microfiber Flat Wet Mop is the ideal solution for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, children daycare centers and anywhere high quality cleaning is a must. The microfiber material removes more dirt, dust and bacteria better than conventional floor cleaning methods. Lint-free, non-abrasive and color-coded for better useability and easy identification. Machine washable. Includes 12 mops.

    ACA Enterprises Knuckle Buster Microfiber Wet Mopping Pads, 5-1/2″ x 18″, Red, 12 per Case

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