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  • The insides of your rubber gloves are sweaty and got dirt in them, this is a great way to make then blean and dry for a quick reuse.
    Also, you can see how I turn them inside out quickly. Many people have a difficult time turning their gloves inside out to dry or when one of the fingers has been stuck inside out.
    Here is how to turn them the right way round without blowing into them, which could be bad if they previously had chemicals or even raw chicken on them.
    Naturally, I got this from my mother, the nurse.

    Hi, It’s Sprig Barton
    I’m going to show you how to clean out the inside of your rubber
    gloves if you get them stinky or sweaty
    or dirty.
    Pretend right, I’ve got these gloves on
    and they are all dirty on the inside
    and I can feel how horrible they are
    I’ve got all this aaaah
    Say, I’ve even worn them in the garden and Ive got dirt inside.
    The first thing you do is get this side of the gloves clean.
    you can use dish soap or hand soap or whatever you like
    just clean them really well.
    as if you were cleaning your own hands
    rinse them off well with pretty hot water.
    Because that kills more germs and dirt and grease
    and then because you don’t know if you are
    drying your hands or a dish
    you can use either the hand towel or the dish towel.
    Now the outside is clean!
    great right!
    So the inside is filthy dirty and stinky,
    turn them inside out
    I’m going to wash my hands
    Remember, your hands have to be dry and clean
    put them on again inside out
    I’ve got them on inside out
    Ive got some more soap
    and soap them up inside out
    That’s getting them clean,
    Go over to the sink,
    rinse them really well,
    dry them off.
    nice and clean
    nice and dry
    So they are clean and dry again
    am I in focus…
    So they are clean and dry again
    on the inside
    you just have to
    take them off
    and fix them.
    and that’s all there is to cleaning
    the inside and outside of
    your stinky sweaty rubber gloves.
    Thanks for watching me clean my gloves
    Please click to watch another one or to subscribe.

    BISSELL puts the all-natural, cleaning power of steam in your hands with the portable Steam Sponge™ for use on sealed hard surfaces in the bathroom and the kitchen. Erase grime with the scrubbing brush attachment. Tend to every surface with the steam concentrator nozzle. For your peace of mind and a clean home that shines.

    -Comes with multiple attachments so it can easily be used anywhere in the home
    -Includes washable microfiber pad with built-in scrubbing strips, scrubbing brush for grout and tough cleaning jobs, steam concentrator for cleaning in tight spaces
    -100% chemical free; just use ordinary tap water
    -Removable tank; no need for cups or funnels


    MSRP $49.99

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