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  • Big thanks to the Universities, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

    Pizza delivery to the International Space Station! Our Expedition 53 crew had a blast channeling our inner chef by building tasty pizzas for movie night. Whose pizza looks the tastiest? What’s it like to make pizza in space? Team skills come in handy when your food floats.

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    Ultraviolet and infrared images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope show active and quiet auroras at Saturn’s north and south poles. Saturn’s auroras glow when energetic electrons dive into the planet’s atmosphere and collide with hydrogen molecules. Sometimes a blast of fast solar wind, composed of mostly electrons and protons, creates an active aurora at Saturn. The first set of images, as seen in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum by Hubble, shows an active aurora dancing around Saturn’s north pole. The movie then shows a relatively quiet time between. The aurora flares up again in Hubble images. This version, shown in false-color, has been processed to show the auroras more clearly. A second set of ultraviolet images shows a closer view of an active north polar aurora in white. This set comes from Cassini ultraviolet imaging spectrograph observations. The last set of images, in the infrared, shows a quiet southern aurora (in green) in observations from Cassini’s visual and infrared mapping spectrometer. Saturn’s inner heat glows in red, with dark areas showing where high clouds block the heat.

    A compilation of Perseid meteors seen by the NASA All Sky Fireball Network.

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