Why Lishin Mops

A highly needed tool in cleaning is the mop, soaking up spills and cleaning up debris like a broom. At Lishin, we have multiple mops to choose from. They come in all forms and shapes, with three-dozen options to choose from. The variety of mops are large because we know you want a specific mop for specific floors, and sometimes you have to order them from special websites. It may be tough to find the right mop you want, but at Lishin, we have you covered.

Handling the mop will not be a problem and we have mops for all surfaces and corners. The most popular and most common type of mop to have is the flat mop, which have a flat, rectangular head (hence the name) and use a pad that is attached to it. The pad collects dust and it is then either disposed or washed clean. It’s the mop for most mopping jobs in the home every day. They are popular also because they are very easy to use, cleaning corners, and can be stored easily. And, if they break, they are easily available to buy for a low price. Another variation we have of the flap mop is in oval shape.

Another mop we have are the strip mops, made with cotton strings that are strong in absorbing and scrubbing liquid messes. Also cheap to buy, these mops can get into tougher areas and don’t have to have a rectangular face; one of our string mop variations is triangular. Another of our string mops has a cover for the mop’s strings, preventing exposing the cotton from getting dirty after usage and cleaning. Then, there is the microfiber mop head made to squeeze out dirty water easily that also allows the mop to moved in a circular motion.

We also have replacements that correlate with the mop you buy. They come in their different fibers and different colors. The mop’s handling is also custom made for each mop, based on how you liked the grip of your mop. It’s important to grip the mop and have a grip on the floor in the form of a cotton strings or a pad to suck in the mess when wiping the floor.

At Lishin, we plan on making a rise in the export of cleaning products all over the world and have our brand in major stores. They will be of good quality and not cheap to where it breaks easily. This includes our selection of mops and what they can do, so be on the look for mops by Lishin.

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