Why Lishin Commodities

Many enterprises and companies work to build various goods for different markets around the world as part of the import/export game. But it isn’t about being economically successful, but also having a positive reputation within the community for making credible goods that sell very well. At Ningbo Lishin Commodities, our brand is for the best in household cleaning appliances.

At Ningbo Lishin Commodities, we are a venture working in the research and development, as well as manufacturing and selling many household-cleaning products. We work on creating with mops, window wipers, sponges, gloves, pads, and mats. They are made with the finest touch to show the product is not made cheaply, but with good quality that is easy to use and can effectively be used at what its job is.

Based in China, we are a company with over 200 employees in a facility of 15,000 square meters. 95% of our products have been exported to foreign countries around the world, mainly to the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Our products have supplied major stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Tesco, Wilko, and COOP among many other market chains. With over $10 million USD of sales, we are amongst the most reliable exporting companies for highly durable cleaning products.

At Lishin, we devote ourselves to the meticulous design of every product we make so that it is stylish and works effectively. Our strict guidelines in what we do in our research combines popular global elements with the products’ functions. It keeps up and creates new trends in household cleaning, from what is used, how it is used, and how much it costs to continue that usage.

In the future, Lishin will adapt to the idea of “fine quality, high value, and good services” for every product, for every use of it, everywhere. Lishin is an enterprise that will grow and bring in more employees and expand our name to other places to build newer, fresher products for countries to by and sell. We want to be the leading company in China in the cleaning product business, providing every consumer with attractive, high-grade products, and durable, comfortable goods. The better the quality of the goods, the higher the living quality humans have in their lives.

This is why we at Lishin Commodity should be the next trusted name is producing cleaning products. Our goods are for everyday use at your home or office. Don’t be surprised to see our name appear more often. It means we’ve been growing and creating things that are taking hold in China and across the world. So, consider us for the future when needing cleaning to buy cleaning products. It is not just a Chinese idea, but a global one.


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