No More Dirty Floors

Now, I don’t know about you, but one thing I know is that with many different floors in my house it is hard to find the perfect mop. Having to buy a different mop for granite, hardwood, tile, and laminate just to make sure the floor gets scrubbed properly can get awfully expensive. More often than not, mop refill pads fall a part after a few uses; and you can forget trying to run them through the washer to clean them. That is, if you want them to last a all. After trying mop after mop with little success, I found the perfect solution.

Huangshan Lishen Commodity Co., Ltd, or Lishen, has the answer to all your mop woes. Passing Third-Party examinations from major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, DG, Tesco, Wilko, Wastsons, COOP, and many others; makes it easy to be confident in the quality of the brand. Quality is definitely what they strive to be the best at, and dare I say, succeeding. Having their own personal manufacturer based out of Huangshan City, China gives them the freedom to make sure that every piece being put together is done carefully and precisely.

What truly sets their mops a part from others is the options they have. There is a mop for any floor and any angle! From your traditional rectangle, to a triangle perfect for those pesky corners, and round for your curved rooms, you never need to go mop hunting again! Personally, I keep models LS 1832, 1827, and 1820 for my regular use. Not a sliver of floor goes dirty thanks to Lishen mops. The mops are completed with an easy to use design that secures the pads with different types of latches, then are easily removed for cleaning. After a full day of mopping, my hands did not hurt at all thanks to the comfortable handle.

A favorite feature of mine is how easy it’s to replace the necessities. Even though it feels like the mop replacement pads last forever, whenever I actually do need a new one, I just hop on the website,, and order it right there. Before no time, the package is at my door. That’s one less item to worry about stopping at the store for; and totally beats waiting in line for 30 minutes just for a mop pad! To sweeten the deal, if something happens to the handle you can order a brand new one right there with your mop pads. The mop head easily snaps off one handle and snaps back on to the next. You never have to buy a new mop again!

Lishen mops are not only a dream come true, but a huge money saver too. I will never regret making the switch to Lishen products. They make the process of keeping my home clean so much simpler and stress free. There is no doubt that my floors are as clean as can be. That is at least, until the kids get home.

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