Lishin Dish Towels, Sponges, and Dry Mats

Washing the dishes is probably one of those chose no one likes to do because it’s a massive cleanup after a meal. Sometimes, we prefer to stick our dishes in the dishwasher, use a lot of water and dishwashing soap, while others clean the dishes by hand. They need a strong sponge, a dishtowel, and a drying mat. We at Lishin can supply you with those with the best quality.

Our dishtowels are in different colors made with high quality cotton and microfiber. Some are mini towels, but some are also dishcloths. Our towels are absorbent and come in different sizes. The same goes with our incredible cleaning sponges – in different colors and different styles. We have cellulose sponges, abrasive sponges, microfiber, and the microfiber-cellulose infused sponges. It depends on how much you have to wash and how tough the grease is on those plates.

Our drying mats are both one-colored and fashionably designed. We have mats with flower patterns, hearts, striped, and zigzagged.  These drying mats help your dishes dry up, taking in the washing residue and leaving your dishes dry. They are made with the most comfortable material in microfiber and silicone, allowing it to grip onto the sink. Dry mats were made to speed to drying process of washed dishes and utensils and ours will help you very much.

Dishwashing is part of the kitchen cleaning process, working with utensils, plates, and pots. It isn’t always about the soap, but also the towels and mats as part of drying the countertop. The sponge must be durable and take out the rough stuff everywhere when scrubbing it down. The drying section should suck in the water residue easily thanks to our drying mats. At Lishin, we have what you need for your kitchen cleaning duties and expect us to be around your local markets to buy our products.


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