It’s Raining Dust

Dust. Dust is everywhere and there is no way around it. On the fan, in the vents, on a window ledge. Flying through the air making your eyes water and tickling your nose until you’re in a never-ending sneezing fit. This used to be my problem. Any duster I tried just moved the dust out into the air. Then, I came across a duster made Lishin Commodity Co., Ltd., or Lishin. They are in the business of manufacturing cleaning supplies in the beautiful Haungshan City, China. This magnificent manufacturer has revolutionized the duster, and I for one am so grateful. Their series of micro fiber dusters takes first place every time.

A huge problem in my house is all of the vents. Getting them dusted and squeaky clean is a trick. A trick made easy with the 360° duster Lishin makes in their personal warehouse.  My personal favorite is the Duster LS-328 for this specific task. The micro fiber material ensure that as you move this duster around your vent the dust sticks to the duster. The transfer between surfaces goes so smoothly that you will never have to worry about dust falling into your face again. Time to throw out the goggles because you will never need them for dusting again.

One of my favorite models of dusters Lishin makes is LS-3830-1. The wide angels and triangular shape are perfect for the walls. Cob webs in the corner by the door? Gone! Then you have that back corner on top of a kitchen cabinet which would normally collect all kinds of nasty dust. With this model you can reach it with easy and not have a worry. If the LS-3830-1 has to wide of angles for you, there are a few other models you can choose from to find what will fit into your home perfectly.

If your house is like mine, there are a lot of flat surfaces that never stop collecting dust. Two of Lishin’s Dusters I want to highlight are the LS-3818-6 and the LS-3815-1-1. The thick pads are enough to trap even the worst of dust pile ups on any surface. The first mentioned model has sharp corners that will get into any shelf corner. The rounded corners of the second model are perfect for any fan or ledge. Feel at ease with dust-free surfaces.

With the help of Lishin Dusters my household has over all improved. Allergies are non-existent and now you will never sneeze from floating dusk. With Lishin Dusters by my side I have no worries of how much dirt and pet dander my children and inhaling. In fact, there have been less runny noses to stress over. Lishin has a knack for making everyday life that much easier. With their guarantee of quality I never worry. No matter if I am spring cleaning or doing some daily up keep, having these proper tools gets any job done right. You can order your very own from the website at

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