Feedback to Lishin Commodities

Everywhere you go it is always the same. The same type of dish towels. You know, the dish towels that never really get the job done. Claiming that they are absorbent and tough on grit and grime when in all reality they are not. Fortunately, I discovered a pot of gold at the end of the dish towel rainbow. This rainbow ended at a manufacturing company in Huangshan City, China named Lishin Commodities Co., Ltd., but for the sake of this article we will just say Lishin. Their two types of dish towels are all you need in your kitchen for every task that arises.

There is water spilled on the counter, and some dishes need drying, what do you do? I grab one of Linsin’s dish towels, preferably model LS-7811 because it is so amazingly absorbent. One fresh towel I can dry a sink of dishes and wipe up the water splashes around the sink with no problem. I have to admit, the shade of blue so gorgeous there is no way I could not love this towel. This dish towel comes in handy when I don’t feel like drying and there is no more room on the mat. Put the spare dishes to dry on top of this towel and there is no worry about the counter getting damp underneath. Doing dishes and cleaning up has never been easier!

When I wipe down my counters and stove I hate seeing streaks left behind. This makes it look like my hard work was all for nothing and everything is still filthy. I switched out cleaning product after product, towel after towel, and sponge after sponge. Nothing did the job except Linshin’s dish towel modle LS-7804, and yes, I have all three colors. Tough enough to scrub the hard to get spots, but soft enough leave a clean and clear kitchen. This multifunction towel will save you hundreds of dollars every year. Not only that, but since I don’t need a sponge, a wash cloth, and a towel I have more sink space. A clean and decluttered kitchen is a clean and declutter mind!

My absolute favorite two parts of these dish towels is much more simple then all of the above. For one, they are take up little storage room. Through all their tests and trials, they are still thin enough to roll up nicely, or fold into small squares. In the never ending war of storage space, this is a perfect space saver. As basic as it may be, I just love how easily accesable these towels are. All I do is go to their website at and they are deliver straight to my door!! Cleaning made easy, and I believe that it is the little things in life that make a difference. Lishin has made all the difference for me.

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