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  • Many people have a difficult time turning their gloves inside out to dry or when one of the fingers has been stuck inside out.
    Here is how to turn them the right way round without blowing into them, which could be bad if they previously had chemicals or even raw chicken on them.
    Naturally, I got this from my mother, the nurse. This is the way she used to do it at work, possibly before there were disposable gloves.
    … and as you know, when you get a hole in one glove, save the matching one and turn it inside out as a replacement for when it happens again, because we usually get holes in the major hands glove long before the other hand’s glove

    Hi, its Sprig Barton
    I’m going to show you how to turn kitchen gloves inside out
    Alright, that’s it!
    woah, I’d better turn them back the right way.
    Yeah! Awesome!
    Hi, it’s Sprig Barton
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    This is what our milk can looks like
    with the copper bits on it!
    Turn on the light…
    I don’t know
    Can you even see that its got copper
    Hey! I’m going to clean this!
    You can see its…
    I’ve got all that to clean!
    Here we are in the kitchen!
    I can bend down if you can’t see me.
    But, maybe you don’t want to see me!
    Yeah! That’s what it is, lemon
    I put lemon all over the copper
    Oh and it just loves it doesn’t it
    Look, sitting there smiling at me!
    Ooh, I love lemon!
    Yep! I use salt too!
    and that’s my salt shaker
    its really big and it
    looks really good with salt and lemon!
    so, ummm.
    Doesn’t that piece of copper look happy today!
    It does.
    Yeah, that’s looking good already, too.
    Ok, let’s put a bit more salt on it
    and let it set while I go and, huh
    go and relax…
    Hey, let’s rinse that off and see how it looks.
    I showed you my lamp and this is a dirty,
    a dirty copper piece of it
    and this is a clean one!
    One I’ve cleaned with lemon and salt.
    You can really tell the difference
    especially if you look at this knob on the top.
    and the knob on the cleaned one.
    It’s such a difference isn’t it!
    But, look at that, just from salt and lemon!
    It’s fantastic! Thanks for watching me clean.
    Clean the shiny knob…
    Thanks for watching me clean with
    Lemon and Salt!
    this is good for most things
    it’s good for lamps and crowns, glasses, masks and moustaches
    So if you have a copper moustache or crown or eye goggles
    this is how you can clean them!
    Hi, It’s Sprig Barton
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    original title!
    TURN KITCHEN GLOVES INSIDE OUT EASILY! How to Turn Rubber Gloves Sprig Barton Kitchen Tips Walkthrough Tutorial

    The Ettore Squeegee-Off is a cleaning soap that effortlessly cuts through dirt, grease and grime. It provides excellent slip and delivers streak free results. This soap is biodegradable and ammonia free. This is 32 oz.

    Ettore Squeegee-Off Available Here:


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